Message from the C-Funders

We’re seeing the #nextdecade as a world that is more sustainable, equitable and prosperous.

With trends in climate change and gender equality informing business decisions as well as other developments that are affecting the intergration of the 2030 Agenda into corporate decision-making practices and we have already observed why being an entrepreneur of having entrepreneurial mindset is cool.

And, in order to get there, we must adapt strategies now, smartly but quickly to deliver not only financial results, but positive social, inclusion and environmental outcomes as well.

We need to re-shape the narrative.

In navigating that journey, we’ve been building cross-sector connections with Global Changemakers that include Gen Z, Policy makers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Philanthropists, Business Leaders, all of whom have a focus on identifying and creating opportunities in which all capital flows advance our resources and enable more effective investing for the global good and adapt business strategy to key developments in improving lives, building inclusion and creating impact.

Joint us in being part of shaping the #NextDecade